Sunday, November 27

How to differenciate water?

First, brands can put forward the taste and the origin of water: mineral water and spring water. Both come from natural ground deposit and both cannot contain any chemical additive, which differentiate them from tap water. The natural mineral water is pure, it must guarantee a stable mineral composition and can present particular minerals (rich in calcium, magnesium, …) wheares the spring water, under a same brand, are sometimes gathered with variable minerals compared to natural mineral water that is issued from a single source.

For example, the natural character of Volvic that originates from the water's volcanic source and is reflective of the spark of the volcano or also Evian, recognized for its pedigree, coming from the Alps and its purity.

Brands can also base their differentiation on the packaging: the bottle shape, color/ codes and functionality really do matter. For instance, Evian does special designed bottles every year for Christmas or Contrex’s bottle shape looks like a thin woman.

Bottled water brands can differentiate with advertising, story-telling: highlighting theuniqueness of the water. Sponsorships can be used also for additional exposure and significant opportunities for distinct marketing, for example when Volvic hired Zin├ędine Zidane, the most famous French football player for their ads on TV.

Companies, to brand mineral waters can also base their marketing strategy on health qualities. This is the case of Contrex, that sells a “healthy product” that will help women to get thinner: their motto “Contrex, Mon Partenaire Minceur” means “Contrex, My Slimness Partner”. The company centers on the bottle as a partner, the bottle you will always have with you to help you stay in great shape.

Finally, they can differentiate with their price. Indeed, private labels such as Carrefour water brand charges lower prices than other brands market.

Bottled waters have different ways to differentiate and line up their marketing strategies. Whether they choose to insist on their taste, price or any other criterion, they have to differentiate to cope with the high competition of the French market.

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