Sunday, November 27

Still water & associations

To better understand customer expectations, we need to focus on the associations they are making with the product. First of all, water is associated to purity and nature. By consuming it, a consumer feels peaceful and calm. In many advertisement, brand managers are using the image of naturality in order to make believe consumers that by drinking the brand they will bring back a part of nature in their life. For example, Evian is traditionally the leader in water used in marternity.

Additionally, in a polluted world, consumers need to be reassured about the quality of water they drink. The brand feelings associated are safety and comfort. Moreover, since sources are known for their different benefits, they are synonymous of health and by extrapolation, longevity. Evian is a youth's source for our body, Taillefine helps to recharge your body in essential minerals or Thonon is contrinuting for the well-being of everyone. Furthermore, if water is health, consumer will feel better and proud of choosing a high quality water with natural benefits.

Besides, since water is a mass market product and consumed all the day, consumers loyalty is high. Thanks to evocation and feeling it can provoke, they feel sentimental and affectionate about brand. Many advertisements are based on well-being, vitality and sport such as Vittel previous slogan, '' Vittel, vitality is in it'' (Vittel, la vitalité est en elle). This is the main reason why brand are sponsoring sport activities. Furthermore, another aspect is the water's association with beauty: one glass of water just after waking up detoxifies your body. In fact, thanks to their purity and natural image, many water brands develop a range of cosmetic product.

Even if water's sector is not as fun as flavored beverages, consumers has to feel amused and excited. For instance, Contrex changes consumer's perception of it product's actual usage thanks to its new viral advertisement. In this transformational advertisement, women are doing sport in order to lose weight but mainly to continue to see a man doing a striptease.

Finally, some brands are positionning as a high quality and price policy. Even if water is a mass product, quality, purity and scarcity image of brands are elements that position a brand. However, since the product is basic, the brand's positioning leads to social approval. People will recognize themselves on a certain positioning and will attribute certain brand to other consumers. For example, choosing a brand such as Evian may signal a high importance of social approval.

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